I recently had some of the worst acne breakouts of my life, and tried every possible treatment at the pharmacy I could find. I probably spent $1000 on cleansers, and toners, and ointments that made my skin peel and flake – making my acne worse! I made an appointment with Dr. Cohen and he immediately noticed how severe my cystic acne was and after some careful examination, prescribed me some medication and made an appointment for steroidal injections. The injections were quick and painless, and after a few days I could already see a huge difference! Its been about 2 months since, and my face is completely clear and not a single scar!! Dr. Cohen is a miracle worker!
Wanda C.
I work construction and being outside all summer ruined my skin. I never wear sunscreen, and barely use any creams or lotions to be honest. My wife started to get nervous after seeing a bunch of sun spots on my neck and shoulders, so she made an appointment at Dr. David Cohen’s office. He ran some tests to be safe but told me they were nothing to worry about. He gave me a whole treatment regimen of lasers, and ointments that worked to perfection. The best thing he did though was teach me how important it was to protect myself in the sun and recommended me a strong sunscreen to wear. Thanks to Dr. Cohen I make sure I’m always protected, wearing a hat, and lathered with sunscreen all summer.
Jim F.
My son was getting these terrible rashes on his elbows and knees and they seemed to have popped up over the past few months. Our doctor referred us to Dr. Cohen and it was the best thing he ever did! Dr. Cohen diagnosed my son’s eczema almost immediately and he was a complete professional about everything. He gave my son a take home cream that would sooth his itching for the time being and prescribed us an ointment and an anti-itch cream for the future. My son has stopped scratching and we’ve got his eczema 100% under control, thanks Dr. Cohen!
Donette G.
I’ve had this birthmark on my forehead all my life, and even though I’ve gotten used to it over the past 17 years its still embarrassing when I meet new people. Since I’ll be going away to college next year I decided now is the time to think about getting it removed. My parents and I did some research and asked our family doctor for advice, eventually we came across Dr. Cohen, a dermatologist right in our area (Queens Village). During my initial consult I felt super comfortable, he was very nice, and put me at ease. I was expecting a big surgical procedure, but he recommended I try a laser treatment. It took a few sessions, but they were quick and pain-free! Thanks to Dr. Cohen my birthmark is completely gone and I’m so excited for school to start next year!
Daniel M.
Dr. Cohen is an amazing dermatologist! He is very intelligent, and caring with his patients – taking time, and getting to know his patients so he can treat them the best way possible. I have a number of skin issues, and considering how much time I spend at the dermatologist its great to have a doctor I’m so comfortable with. Every appointment is always quick and easy, never a long wait and a great staff make it a pleasure to go to the doctor.
Gina V.
Growing up I had a mole develop along the rear of my neck, and although it was behind me and I couldn’t see it, it made me extremely self-conscious thinking people would be staring. I decided to go out having it removed, something I never thought was even possible early in life. And boy am I lucky I was referred to Dr. Cohen! From the moment I walked into the waiting room I was comforted by a warm greeting from the staff, and after less than 10 minutes in the waiting room I went into the room. A few minutes later Dr. Cohen came in and examined the mole carefully, and we were able to begin the removal process right then and there! Using a combination of lasers, Dr. Cohen was able to resurface the skin and after a few sessions the mole is almost completely gone! No matter what your skin issues or needs might be Dr. Cohen is your guy.
Raymond Y.
I was recently referred to Dr. Cohen by my GP to get treatment for my acne. During my first consultation I realized how great of a doctor he was. While checking my facial acne, Dr. Cohen noticed a few dry skin patches along my neck, it turned out to be psoriasis. I had barely even noticed it but thanks to Dr. Cohen I was able to have it treated before it spread to other areas. In one consult I was given treatment for both my acne, and my psoriasis. Its been about a month since, and my skin has never been cleaner or clearer!
Linette O.
Early in the year my skin was at its absolute worst. I never really had a strong skincare regimen, but never really had any issues. For some reason I began developing acne, and random bumps, and blemishes all over my face. My face was oilier than its ever been and I had no idea why. I made an appointment with Dr. Cohen and thankfully he was able to treat my skin, leaving it much smoother, softer, and much less oily. The first thing he recommended was a microdermabrasion treatment to exfoliate the skin and clear away the oils. My skin has never looked better! I’ve been getting a treatment every 2 months since that first one! Dr. Cohen really introduced me to a new world of skincare. Thanks Dr. Cohen!
Mike H.
A few months ago I noticed the development of a growth on my elbow, that had never been there before. It was quite hard, and a bit painful when you pushed it. I ignored it at first, but after a few weeks it seemed to be getting worse. I made an appointment with Dr. Cohen of Cohen Dermatology, as I had heard good thing about this doctor. During my initial consultation he seemed to be a bit worried, but ran some tests. After getting the results and learning it wasn’t cancerous I was relieved. Dr. Cohen used a combination of super modern looking techniques to get it off, even freezing it at one point! Dr. Cohen is now my regular dermatologist, I would definitely recommend him to anyone!
Tina X.
I’m only 30 but sadly I’m already losing my hair. I decided to try to do something about it and was recommended to Dr. Cohen, one of the top dermatologists in Nassau County. I went in for my consult and was diagnosed with alopecia aerates, basically male pattern baldness. The last thing I wanted was to be one of those older men with patchy hair spots, so we began to think about treatment methods. I won’t say exactly what the treatment was, but using a combination of techniques my hair is looking fuller, and whatever spots had developed are almost completely filled in! Dr. Cohen is a lifesaver, he truly is! If you are losing your hair you MUST make an appointment with him, you won’t regret it at all!
Jackson S.