Occasional moles appear to be attractive, but too much of it can be a cause of embarrassment also. Being black or brown in color, these lumps are irregular in shape and can increase at any stage of life. In severe conditions, they tend to change the shape, size, and even itch and bleed. If you’re having any of this trouble, we have the most appropriate solution for you. Don’t worry about the scars as we eliminate it all.

Moles are fine, but having more than 20 can be the indication of melanoma. Adding to this, if you have a family history of melanoma, considering the changing size of the mole is important.

Some other symptoms of a malignancy.

  • For no reason at all, it is itchy and painful
  • Changing color, probably a darker shade
  • Spontaneous bleeding
  • Irregular appearance
  • Increased size

After the diagnosis of the problem, we recommend one of the most appropriate treatments.

  • Laser Removal
  • Shave Removal
  • Excision Removal

You will be introduced to the trained mole removal consultant, who will guide you through all the possible treatment, its benefits, and different other sides.