Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a sort of recurrent rash which doesn’t have any recognizable cause. Lichen planus normally affects adults and is mostly found on the ankles, wrists, oral, and genital tissues. The rashes are characterized by flat-topped, small, and multi-sided bumps that can grow into rough and plaques skin.
Although the diagnosis of Lichen Planus is done via clinical features, a biopsy is often recommended. The typical features include:

  • Degenerative skin cells
  • Melanin Beneath the epidermis
  • Liquefaction degeneration of the basal layer of the epidermis
  • Melanin beneath the epidermis
  • Band of inflammatory cells

At Astoria Skincare, the treatment for lichen planus includes potent topical steroids, topical retinoids, tacrolimus ointment, and intralesional steroid injections.
If you have noticed one or two signs of lichen planus, contact us for a complete treatment. Even though lichen planus is assumed to remain for decades, we will ensure that it never reoccurs. Due to the deep wounds, there can be scarring also, but we will make sure that your skin is left with minimal scars.