Head Lice

A common problem in kids, head lice can really be troublesome. At Astoria Skincare, we understand head lice like none other. With our well-proven lice killing technique, we can successfully shut down the infestations for you.

Causes of Head Lice:

  • Touching the head with an infected person’s head.
  • Sharing personal items.
  • Using fabric item with an infected person, Preschool and elementary school students have the highest risk of head lice as they tend to play closely. Even elders working in the day centers are prone to developing head lice.

Symptoms of head lice

  • Extreme scalp itchiness
  • Feeling of something crawling on the scalp
  • Sores and scabs on the scalp

Diagnosing the condition is direct as the lice are visible to the eyes. Once confirmed the existence of lice, the patient is sent under proper lice treatment. As most of the time the kids have this trouble, the process is made very smooth and comfortable. Just two visits and all the lice manifestation will be gone.
Keeping the kids comfortable, we make sure, they don’t feel the awkwardness of being at a clinic. Just make them ready for a visit; the rest will be our responsibility.