The bedbug is a blood sucking parasite that hides in the mattresses, bed frames, old furniture’s, and behind wallpapers. These parasites can be transported from one place to another and their bite can cause red and itchy skin.

Symptoms of Bedbug Bite:

  • Bed bug bite can occur in any of the exposed body parts including neck, arms, face, and hands
  • Reddish-colored skin lesions
  • Localized itching
  • Flat welt
  • Raised skin
  • Scarring
  • Skin Infection

Mosquito bites and flea bites also appear like bug bites and we declare it to be a bug bite after complete analysis. The allergic reaction to bed bug bite includes swelling, burning and engorged bite marks. Bed bugs typically disappear in one or two weeks if treated in the right way.
We offer proper medication to control itching and burning sensation. Due to regular bug bites, people even develop insomnia and anxiety and that’s why it is needed to be controlled on time. Contact us at the first sight of the trouble.