Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma mostly occurs on the head, face, hands, and necks. BCC sometimes resembles a noncancerous skin condition like eczema or psoriasis.

Other characteristic features include:

  • Pearly appearance
  • Waxy papules with central depression
  • Erosion or ulceration
  • Translucency
  • Bleeding
  • Black-blue or brown areas
  • Crusted areas
  • Rolled (raised) border
  • Slow growing: 0.5 cm in 1-2 years

These signs are something that should never be ignored. On the first sign of these troubles, you should get in contact with us. Our only goal is to get rid of cancer without causing any noticeable scar. To choose the right treatment, we will first consider the place and size of the cancer. Doing this will count upon all the side effects and scarring problems.

Depending on the diagnosis, we offer the following types of treatment:

  • Cutting out the tumor
  • Scraping the tumor away
  • Using electricity to kill cancer
  • Freezing the cancer cells

No matter what testament suits you, we will make sure that everything falls into place. All the treatment is carried out in a comfortable and hassle-free manner. Our foremost concern is the comfort and health of the patient and nothing comes beyond this for us.